Things to be cheerful about #1

2 Sep

I need a boost, so here they are:

September finally arriving

I’m not a big summer person, I much prefer winter. The clothes, the cosying up, the parties, the fireworks, the snow… Everything just sparkles a bit more in winter.

Channel AKA

On a less poetic note, I recently discovered the budget UK-based grime/rap channel since getting Sky telly installed. Filled with delights such as Die Antwoord and Devlin.

Bingley Festival on the horizon

As well as Bingley Music Live being this weekend, the weather forecast also looks amazing.

Cracking weekends

Having spent this weekend getting lairy with the chap, meeting all of his fab mates and generally having a ball at the seaside, there is life outside work.

That’s it for now.


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