Reasons to be cheerful #3

18 Oct

A few reasons to get out of bed in a morning, despite the encroaching ever-earlier darkness that some of you seem to find unbearable…


He loves it

He loves it


1. The encroaching ever-earlier darkness that some of you seem to find unbearable

Sorry, that was a bit facetious, wasn’t it? But I had to put it in there. I absolutely love this time of year, when the clocks go back and the darkness stretches itself out to give you more magical night (made for dreams) and less dreary day (made for Real Life). It also means more of those wonderful Autumnal treats are heading our way, including (but not limited to):

  • Conkers
  • New knitwear
  • Walks in frosty sunshine
  • Cooking proper hearty food instead of making summer salads
  • the approach of the festive season
  • Fireworks
  • Being able to legitimately drink port or sherry ‘to warm up’…

2. Will Self‘s appearance at Morley Literature Festival


Walking to Hollywood

Walking to Hollywood


I recently attended a reading/talk given by Will Self at said festival and it was wonderful. I always read his books as dangerously noir, depressive tomes; bearing stories of madness and despair. However, when giving his reading from his latest book ‘Walking to Hollywood‘; Self came across as warm and witty, giving his story just the right mix of madness and humanity. With this in mind, I plan to go back and re-read some of my favourite Will Self books (a treat in itself) and intend to include ‘How the Dead Live’ and ‘The Book of Dave’ with a bit more of a light hearted perspective. As well as the reading being great, it was just lovely to see an entire town hall in a peripheral Leeds town packed to the rafters with people who were there just because they loved books (and probably Shooting Stars too). I’d love to go to more book/writing type events (and to find people who would too!) so if you have anything planned and you’d like some company, give me a shout.

3. Saturday night transformations





I got my hair done on Friday and a dress I’d ordered from arrived on Saturday, and I headed out to celebrate one of my wonderful girls’ birthdays in Sheffield. We went to a cocktail class and had amazing mexican food at El Paso (cheap and cheerful and after about sixty cocktails it was exactly what we wanted). I’ll post more about this along with pictures as soon as I have them, so I’ll leave it at that.

4. Surprises


Me, obvz.

Me, obvz.


I received a wonderful surprise from my lovely parents on Saturday, they’ve bought me a brand new shiny laptop! I completely wasn’t expecting this and was quite overwhelmed by the kindness of it all. Suffice to say, I have now promised that I will make writing my novel Plan A and work can become Plan B for a while. It’s quite exciting and I’m cracking on alright with it. Might even post a bit of it up here soon to get a bit of feedback. But yes, hurrah for lovely people being lovely.

And that’s your lot for today. There’s so much more I could talk about, reasons for being cheerful are many and plentiful today. But I’ll save those moments for when I need them and instead of continuing to type, I’m about to head into the Bradford evening to deliver my beloved’s Xbox to the people who mend such things, for it is broken.

I must be mad.


One Response to “Reasons to be cheerful #3”

  1. Mum October 18, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    You’re the only person Gem (well our Laura as well. . . which means that two daughters out of millions is almost a rarity!!!) who actually celebrates dark, depressing nights, clocks going back, dreary November foggy mornings etc. etc. How proud am I though that you always look on the bright side of life?!(de, de, de, de, de, de, de, de!!!)
    Eagerly awaiting THE novel chick, love you xxxx

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