Tha knows…

5 Dec

Kid Acne is a DIY graffiti/music type chap off of Sheffield.

Some of the things he’s done made me smile and so I thought I’d share them with you too. I love the northerness and the pride that shines through in the examples below, something a bit tongue in cheek without being outright ironic (those of you who know me will recall that I am not a fan of irony in any way. If you like something, like it. If you do something, do it for the right reasons. Anyway, I digress).

I’m a sucker for design/typeface/wordy/arty bits and bobs, so if you know of anyone who you think is similar and who I might enjoy to get involved with, leave a comment and share the love, ja darlinks?

Kid acne Shezza

Kid acne - strong and northern

Kid acne - you and me both mate



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