Fabulous festivities

27 Dec

Here’s wishing that Christmas brought you everything you wanted.

Not just in terms of gifts (although these are clearly amazing) but also in terms of happiness, serenity, wellbeing, perspective, all the things that we’re sometimes too busy whizzing around to notice/get/appreciate for the other 364 days of the year. I feel really calm, calmer and more relaxed than I have done in months and I think it’s because of having such a lovely Christmas. This Christmas has been really laid-back, not too lairy and generally wonderful and lovely. I’ve spent some real QT with la familia, met up with old and new friends on Christmas eve and had a lovely afternoon today exchanging presents with the chap.

I’m planning to do a full run-down of my top 10s of the year (music/games/books/etc.) and will probably pen this mid week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have some photos…

Critchmas tree

Critchmas tree

Christmas table

The Critchmas dinner table, YUM!

Moleskine inspiration from the wife

Brilliant Moleskine story writing inspiration from the wife

inspired gift giving from my sis

inspired gift giving from my sis – can you guess what she got for me?



Santa Claus the Movie

Finishing Christmas day off with Santa Claus the Movie. Or Santa Clods, as my brother used to call it when he was little. My God Daughter also thinks that Father Christmas is called Farmer Christmas. Aw.

Marc Jacobs bird rings

Awesome Christmas Presents

Sheer present genius from the chap

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the festive season!



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