Ahhhhhhh… Fashion!

7 Jan

How did making people not-naked come to be so fascinating?


Telegraph fashion website header typography


I’ve always liked to dress up. And I suppose later, this mutated into being interested in fashion. But even now, after working in the fashion industry and keeping a fashion blog for a good few months, I still don’t think that being ‘into fashion’ really covers it. It’s more like I’m interested in how trends are created, how looks affect perceptions, how identities are formed and broken depending on what you choose to wear.

I’d always intended to make Fridays my day to talk about fashion for #oneaday but today this happened almost accidentally. I was commenting on my friend Alex’s #oneaday blog, which raised questions like:

Is it wrong to not follow fashion?

Are people who don’t follow fashion more narcissistic than those who do, simply because they stick to what makes them look best rather than experimenting with new clothes?

What do you think?

Here’s the comment I made on Alex’s post:

I think everyone should wear what makes them feel good, not what’s deemed to be ‘in fashion’. That said, I am massively interested in how trends start and grow organically, and how the catwalk takes inspiration from the street/the world around and translates this into haute couture, which is then subsequently translated back to the high street. It fascinates me. I also love the idea of creating your own style and how trends create identities, or even vice versa.

Okay, I’m going to stop now. Can: open. Fashion worms: everywhere.

Anyway, back to normal, less philosophical fashion.

Just previewed Topshop’s SS11 collection and, as with everywhere else, it looks like we’re going to be subjected to the hideous, swirly, befringed Edina Monsoon style 70s revival. I don’t care if it’s bloody Lacroix, sweetie. I’m not bloody wearing it.

1970s style 70s fashion, eddie ab fab, topshop hippy eddie ab fab lacroix absolutely fabulous fashion

Actually, scratch that. Most of my wardrobe (and lifestyle) is already directly inspired by Ab Fab. Ahem.

On a more sensible note, I am in love with these chinos from You Must Create, available from My-Wardrobe.com. Think they’d look good with my new brogues:

You Must Create selvedge chinos mywardrobe.com

And to finish, I have a new favourite fashion website: Telegraph Fashion. It surprised me actually how good the site is, considering it’s run by The Telegraph and I’m such a die-hard-bleeding-heart-liberal Grauniad reader. But it just hits the mark. Give it a whirl.

What are your favourite fashion sites?


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