#oneaday 14: Part of the weekend never dies

14 Jan

Time for my Friday Fashion fix and this week, I’ve been inspired by our Friday afternoon choice of music in the office. We were listening to Soulwax remixes and loads of amazing electro/indie stuff from circa 2006/2007 and it took me back to the time when I was a massive fashion idiot.

post razor-stiletto, pre-peaks sewer adventures

I bloody loved dressing like this and going out dancing until the sun came up (and sometimes until it went down again!). Buying 80s party frocks from Poverty Warehouse in Hyde Park, sticking bits of glitter and plastic on them, wearing sunglasses inside at night and never going anywhere without glitter on my face and a ridiculous satorial attitude. Ridiculously brilliant, obviously.

skate central sheffield pink leopard print heels onesy

I was Ke$ha, basically.

So many good memories, not just of nights out but of outfits. Spending an entire month planning what to wear until Razor Stiletto swung around again. Getting out of bed and getting straight into my party clothes. I loved it.

bad taste leeds santiagos

I think I need a new bandwagon, I’ve been without one for a while now.

Any takers?


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