#oneaday 15 – Reasons to be Cheerful

15 Jan

Yes, it’s January and yes, everyone is skint, miserable and fed up. So here are some reasons to be cheerful:

1. Exercising.

Since Christmas, I’ve been going hard at le gym and I’m really enjoying it.

ok go treadmills dance gym

Now I have a deadline, and a goal. I’m going away in 14 weeks to celebrate the fact that one of my best friends is getting married. So I’ve set myself a target of three gym sessions per week and lots of healthy eating. I vow to be a massive hot WAG-type person by the time April gets here.

2. Birthday parties

Tonight I’m hitting up my beloved hometown of Sheffield for one of my friend’s birthdays. We’re going to our favourite little Italian, BB’s, and will no doubt indulge in some cocktails and dancing too. I can’t wait to see everyone and to visit the mothership. Plus, it means I get to bake a cake when I get home from the gym.

cake boss buddy birthday cake

3. The fact that lots of people are still actively doing #oneaday

#oneaday one a day bloggers pete davison angry jedi

The amount of people still blogging for #oneaday is impressive, part way through the month and enthusiasm is still strong. If you’ve read any of the one a day bloggers’ stuff and liked it, take a few secs to click on the banner on the right to help our charities for free, or you can donate cold, hard, (virtual) cash to Cancer Research UK via the justgiving link on the right,


One Response to “#oneaday 15 – Reasons to be Cheerful”

  1. Mark January 16, 2011 at 3:37 pm #

    I miss going to the gym! One day soon, I will return…

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