#oneaday 19 – what a loser

19 Jan

Today I’ve taken a proactive step in terms of being healthy, inspired by Faye’s Weightloss Wednesday posts. I aim to lose a stone and four pounds in the next twelve weeks with a combination of gym, gym, gym and healthy eating. Now I have a goal, and some good support (I don’t mean a sports bra, although incidentally that will come in handy), I know it will happen. I’ve oddly been motivated by another blog that I follow, which charts the progress of a man battling with all kinds of demons and yet he keeps going, despite various setbacks. Quite inspirational.

thinspiration nicole richie before and after

I’ll hopefully be posting success stories every Wednesday from now on, but for now, some thinspiration… (and before anyone says it, no, I don’t mean the ridiculous pro-anorexia/bulemia kind)

kelly osbourne thin fat before after

lily allen weight thin fat before after

I’m not saying that I want to look like the ladies above, I’m just thinking if they can go from tubs to hot then so can I…

But it has made me remember how much I love Lily Allen. She can be my thinspo for this week:

lily allen thin thinspo thinspiration

Fingers crossed I don’t mess it up on Friday when we go to Manchester…


4 Responses to “#oneaday 19 – what a loser”

  1. Pixie January 19, 2011 at 10:04 pm #

    Lilly looks AMAZE in that last picture, lushious. Good luck – you sound like you’re doing it the right way 🙂

    • pete485 January 20, 2011 at 9:25 am #

      Gem, as long as you realise Nicole Ritchie looks WAY better in the first of those pictures, then this is fine.

      What bad stuff are you cutting out of your diet?

      • beatifnik January 23, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

        I think Nicole looks better with a few more curves, yup. Deffo don’t want to go super skinny but goodliving since the chap and i moved in together is definitely starting to show!

        I didn’t want anything faddy, just wanted a way to get some better habits and support. So, I’ve started slimming world – which is weird for me as I don’t normally go to things like that, I prefer to go solo rather than with a group when I have something to achieve, but for now it’s really inspired me and it’s actually nice having support. What I like about it is there’s no measuring or weighing, you eat until you’re full – just eat the right things. So, as much fruit, veg, tofu, quorn and fish as I like then just keep an eye on the dairy and carbs and I’m good to go. Wine is going to have to go though, I’m afraid. Not for the calories as you can still have it on slimming world but just the lack of willpower that comes with it! So far, I feel much healthier. We shall see!



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    […] Gemma Critchley, Faye Sargent, Gracie and several others amongst our number have been using their blog to partly chart their efforts to get fit and/or lose weight. Motivation from other people is a big part of any kind of health or fitness regime, so feel free to go offer your support and tell ‘em how awesome they are. (You can also follow my efforts over on Tumblr, though it’s not part of my One A Day Project blog.) And don’t forget to sponsor our very own Bungiesgirl, Gracie and, well, me (it’s all me me me today, huh?) for our (inevitably successful and super-awesome) attempt to run a 10K in London in May of this year. Go team! (Sorry.) […]

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