#oneaday 29: Reasons to be cheerful

29 Jan

As if the fact that it’s Saturday wasn’t enough to lift your spirits, here are some more reasons to be cheerful this weekend:

sunshine sunny january leeds sunshine

The sun is shining!
At least it is in Leeds. January is almost over, payday is here for most of us after that infamous January skint stint and the air is tinged with a little bit of hope that Spring may be just around the corner. I haven’t seen any shoots popping out of the ground yet for snowdrops, but as soon as they do it instantly cheers me up. Then we know the crocuses and daffodils that poke their heads cheekily out of the soil are on their way soon too…

snowdrops flower ice snow

Cutting and sticking
Today I found some old birthday cards in the cupboard that I’d saved because I liked the designs. Today I plan to sit down and spend the afternoon cutting out cuckoo clocks and butterflies to stick on my notepads. As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing like a Blue Peter day to make you smile.

Love is in the air (for some people)
A lot of people – not me, I hasten to add – seem to be planning weddings at the moment. I do love a good bash to celebrate folk I love getting hitched, and we’re currently planning my friend’s hen party. We’ve just booked to go to Palma in Mallorca for 3 nights in April, I can’t wait. It’s going to be just like Sex and The City, but with less moronic, materialistic behaviour and with more gin. Score. If you’re thinking of getting married, why not take a look at this?

blue sphere events wedding fair rotherham

That’s all for now, have a fabulous weekend, kids.


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