#oneaday 44: Short non-story Sunday, or: Writer’s block

13 Feb

This short story Sunday is brought to you by chronic writer’s block.

peter bjorn and john writers block

I have been unable to string together more than a few sentences of fictional, non-work/blog-related words of late, for some reason. Even my Twitter feed is quieter than usual. This has happened before and lasted quite a few months, which is no good for me as a writer and even less good (more bad? See what I mean?!) for you as a reader. I can do the generic ‘this is what I’ve been up to/listening/thinking bit without too much trouble, yet I simply cannot seem to pull together any storytelling know-how. I have the ideas to work to, but I can’t execute them like I normally would.

This is perplexing me – I love to write fiction and to tell stories but with the best will and the strongest novel plan in the world, I just can’t make it happen. I don’t know why, I’m not sure if I need a break or a holiday or some inspiration, or if writing in my blog about daily thoughts is sapping me of my creativity… I just can’t work it out. I haven’t slept particularly well of late and when I have I haven’t had any dreams (or haven’t remembered any of them) which is very strange for me as I usually have such vivid dreams and generally remember them when I wake up. It’s like I’m losing my imagination… What a terrifying thought.

I’m becoming worried that any scrap of story telling ability I might have once clung onto like a kid clings to his favourite teddy bear in times of need may have vanished. Poof. Into the proverbial thin air, no more, kaput. I really hope it comes back.

I think I need some inspiration. I’m reading a lot lately which usually helps but it doesn’t seem to be doing its usual trick. Does anyone have any recommendations of what I could use to get inspired?

How do you cope with writer’s block? Does it perplex you as much as it has me?


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