#oneaday 49: Friday Fash – London Fashion Week AW11

18 Feb

As it’s the start of London Fashion Week, I feel it is only right to point you in the direction of a set of seriously fabulous fashion bloggers who I’ve been following for over a year now. They all vary wildly in the way that they cover things but each one manages to be original and fresh as well as putting a real sense of themselves into their writing. All of them have been featured on the fash blog I used to keep for Oli.co.uk (god rest its soul) and have been thoroughly charming and professional to deal with, so if you’re looking for someone to write a feature for you on all things couture, these are you best bets!

london fashion week AW11

Anastasia and Duck is written by Michael Ford and focuses largely on haute couture menswear.

anastasia and duck haute couture menswear fashion

He’s also studying for a DPhil in Materials Science at Oxford, just to prove that fashion and smarts aren’t mutually exclusive. He goes to lots of shows and fashion events and always has thorough and informative coverage with great reviews of the collections.

Miggy Likey is written by ex-model and all-round tastemaker Miggy.

Miggy Likey fashion

I love her blog as she loves technology as much as she loves fashion and often organises events that promote the spirit of blogging and embracing digital in the fashion world.

The Very Simon G is thoroughly charming and has a blog that is as uplifting and sparkling as a bellini.

the very simon g fashion blog

He has some serious fash know-how, a good balance of high street and high fashion and a nice sprinkling of celebs. Highly recommended!

What’re your favourite fashion blogs?


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