#oneaday 52: University Challenge

21 Feb

There are very few things on television that I actually enjoy watching (the main ones being Friends, Take Me Out, Spaced and Wonders of the Solar System). However, there is one programme that I’ve followed for years and years and it never fails to delight. The show I’m talking about is, of course, the wonderful institution that is University Challenge.

jeremy paxman univeristy challenge

There are many reasons why I love Uni V-C…

Firstly, I love to play along. When I lived with my friend Louise, she used to set me an arbitrary number of questions and I would then strive to get that number of questions right. Then, when I moved in with le chap, we set up a weekly scoring system that we logged handily on a post it note that we kept in the museum display cabinet thing in our living room. Now, we’re less competitive, but it’s still a Monday night ritual to sit and watch it and try and get at least a few questions right. I don’t think I’ve learnt a great deal from the show but I’ve certainly come to know that sense of pride that floods me when I manage to get one right. Especially if it’s a wild guess. At a maths question. In latin.

Secondly, I love rooting for the Northern universities vs. the Southern ones. No explanation needed there, I just like to subscribe to geographical stereotypes.

Thirdly, the contestants are all amazing. Whether amazingly smart or amazingly annoying or amazingly nerdy, I love them all. My particular favourite (by favourite I mean ‘person I loved to hate’) was, of course, CORPUS CHRISTI TRIMBLE! Sweet, sweet justice was served when their team was disqualified for having non-students in it and the title instead went to Manchester Universityh by default. Hah! Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Trimble.

Finally, the real reason everyone tunes in: the man, the myth, the condescending legend – Jeremy Paxman. He has such a magnificent sense of distain for anyone who gives a wrong answer and I love how he clearly picks favourites and looks really pleased when they get a question right. Ladies and gentlemen, be upstanding for JP. In the words on the man himself:

Come on, let’s have it.


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