#oneaday 57: Digital Go Karting

27 Feb

On Friday, I went go-karting for the first time in my life with the boys from work. I work in a team of five boys and me, so chances of having our team night out at a spa or going vintage shopping wasn’t really on the cards. So go-karting was chosen. Plus, we got it cheap on Groupon and there was the promise of beer after the chequered flag was waved.

raceway karting pontefract go karting yorkshire

We arrived at Raceway Karting in the ever-glamourous Pontefract and got dressed up in jumpsuits (bang on trend) and helmets. Then we got in these really low-down little cars (it actually was like something off of Mariokart) and proceeded to drive around the track, very slowly, screaming like the girl that I am.

After a couple of laps I got into it and really started to enjoy it, managing to not crash or cause any real drama. Needless to say, I came last, but it’s the taking part that counts (obvz). It was brilliant fun and the beers afterwards were fun too. We’ve decided that for our next outing, we’ll go UV bowling. I didn’t know this existed and basically it sounds like disco bowling, with a mirrorball and music and dry ice and everything. I can’t wait.


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