#oneaday 88: the return of Weightloss Wednesday!

30 Mar

Today I went to tub club and I’d lost a pound and a half, which I was chuffed about, considering I hadn’t really worked hard enough for it this week. But it’s spurred me on, I’m back on track and determined to lose again next week and again the week after, then I go to Palma!

I think watching Super Size vs. Super Skinny spurred me on last night. Although I find the concept of the show ridiculous, the presenters annoying and the whole thing a bit gross, I don’t want to grow up to be no tubton like the fatties on there. No thinspo today, I am motivating myself in other ways.

I don’t care about losing 4lb a week or anything daft like that, a pound a week is fine. Gym bunny mentality is back with the light nights, just need to crack waking up in the morning and doing some exercise before work and I’m sorted.



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