#oneaday 103: what’s the deal with airline food?

14 Apr

This post is dedicated to budget airlines everywhere. Now, I know people love to moan. Especially in Britain. Especially about budget airlines. But can I just stand up and say I think budget airlines are brilliant. I love flying and have always classed that as a major part of my holiday and the fact that I can now buy a flight for less than the price of a train ticket to London (yes, even with taxes) is ace.

Sure, I miss the 80s notion of flying somewhere being a special occasion. But I’d much rather pay for baggage allowance and forego in-flight meals, films and drinks in favour of being able to jet of to several places a year instead of just one.

I’m writing this in the hope that my flight actually turned up. As this is a scheduled post and I should have been flying Jet2 from Leeds today to Palma.

Let’s hope it got there alright…


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