#oneaday 112: Reasons to be cheerful

26 Apr

I haven’t done a ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ post for a while, so I decided to do one to cheer myself up as I’m feeling full of man flu.

Reasons to be cheerful.

1. Cups of tea

a nice cup of yorkshire tea teapot

Makes absolutely everything seem okay. And when you’re ill, other people make them for you. Score.

2. La familia

paddling pool hook a duck summer grass

It was my nephew’s 1st birthday on Sunday, and on Saturday I went to visit him, my god daughter and her brother. We sat in the garden and played in the paddling pool, soaking up the sun and eating ice lollies. Good family times.

3. Spending an entire week with le chap

Benrik couples book quality time

This might not seem like a big event, but as my beloved spends the working week down in London and I work up in glorious Yorkshire, we only normally get a couple of days a week together. So it’s been nice to have both booked those three days off in between the bank holiday so we get to spend a bit of QT together. Going to plan some nice days out, maybe go to the coast and watch a few bands together. Hurrah! Benrik would be proud of us.


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