#oneaday 130: I don’t speak German but I can if you like…

27 May

Bloody hell, the new Lady Gaga album is a bit good, isn’t it?

lady gaga born this way album review

I thought the second two singles were a bit weak at first, without the context of the album. Obviously Born This Way (the song) is a straight banger, but when you put Judas and The Edge of Glory with the rest of the songs, it makes for an end product is beyond fabulous. It’s like she chopped up Grace Jones and the E-Street Band and fried them up in a pan oiled with the blood of Cyndi Lauper, then ate them all up for breakfast whilst watching The Lost Boys… Then I imagine she got in a Delorean, travelled at 88mph, went to the 80s, wrote her album then got back in her time machine, travelled into the future and recorded it.

I’m in LOVE. Best record I’ve heard this year, hands down. Ignore all the religious rubbish and the affected superstar act in interviews and just enjoy Born This Way for what it is: a brilliant, belting pop record.

I don’t want to go to bed tonight, I want to smother my face in glitter and go out dancing until the sun comes up…


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