Wouldn’t it be nice if…

3 Jul

Wouldn’t it be nice if the sun shone all through summer the way it shone today?

sunshine leeds instagram leeds railway train station golden sunset sunrise summer

Just from June through until August, with rain in the week so that the fields and lakes could have a nice, refreshing drink without causing too much fuss or worry about grey skies, as most of us would be cooped inside at school or work during those times.

Then when the weekend arrived we could all rush off into the sunshine, armed with a picnic, in search of adventures, running around being golden until the light faded.

After the sun crept over the hill and a velvet perfumed dusk had fallen, we’d come home, glowing from a day of being outdoors and sleep soundly in our beds knowing a whole day of glorious sunshine awaited us on the other side of the wooden hill.

That would be lovely.


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