All we need round here is positive people

9 Aug

I saw this on Twitter today, Chapeltown’s response to the London riots. It makes me proud to be from Leeds!

Chapeltown Leeds positive action London Riots peace vigil August 2011 Yorkshire

I think Latterman’s lyrics to ‘My bedroom is like for artists’ are needed here, everyone should listen to this song and think about what they can do to positively improve their community rather than destroying it:

Latterman – My bedroom is like for artists

Streets gentrified like it’s no problem
Boys in bands still singing about killing their girlfriends
People leave communities while their still struggling
Come on everybody sing along we’re to blame
Punks start dealing with their own white privilege
We tell all the boys to stop being so aggressive
Actually giving a shit about the place we live in
Come on everybody sing along let’s fix this

I see life alive in many people’s eyes…


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