I’m a loner, Dottie, a rebel

18 Aug

I spend quite a bit of time rattling round this big old flat by myself in the week when el chappo is away with work and I’m not working/gymming/swanning around the town being fabulous.

I had quite a bit of practice at keeping myself occupied when I had my own flat and became a master of spending time wisely (although not always productively). I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘If you’re bored then you must be boring too’ (courtesy of the lovely Piebald) and I honestly think I’ve never got to a point where I’ve really been bored. There’s always something to do!

Anyway, I thought I’d compile my list of essentials for keeping oneself sane when living alone.

A good book or two (currently re-reading All my best friends are superheroes):

all my friends are superheroes andy kaufman a good book literary fiction

Awesome records (currently playing The Wedding Present):

the wedding present i'm from further north than you record cover art

Cups of tea (and sometimes, just sometimes, coffee. I’m not at work now):

helvetica coffee cup hipster designer mug tea

Something to write stories in (It’s coming along nicely):

moleskine notebook hipster write stories gemma critchley

Lots of internet (all the sixes, clickety click):

you have reached the end of the internet go back exploding dog web cartoon

A Labbit for company (rrrrrraow):

plush white stache labbit kozik kidrobot

Nice things to think about:

david shrigley photograph sunday adventure club lo fi indie photo

That’s about all you need.


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