11 Sep




That’s what’s in front of me.

I’m blogging from the seventh floor of my Sorrento hotel on the last day of my holiday. It’s been completely wonderful with lots of delicious food and vino, peaceful walks, snoozes, reading and gymming.

I feel like I’ve totally recharged my batteries, ready to tackle the new ‘term’ of work with fresh eyes and a fresh mind.

I’ve been reading a lot about The Tao (and, more specifically, F*ck It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin) and have been learning how you should just let life flow around you and through you, and go with it rather than kicking against it.

I’m going to live more like that. Just take what happens as it happens and know that everything will always be okay, stop trying to make things go one way but instead follow the natural flow of the world and get ready to accept everything it has to offer.

Well zen, like.


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