Bridesmaid dress shopping…

25 Sep

I’ve been a bridesmaid more times than you’d be able to count on a normal set of fingers and I’m set to become one again next May for my sister. It’s always equally exciting every time you do it and it’s amazing to be included as a special part of the most amazing day of someone’s life.


I have, over the years, become quite accustomed to bridesmaid dress shopping and the highs and lows that come with it. The highs are generally: pretty dresses, gorgeous shops, lots of long lunches spent drinking wine and gushing over bridal magazines, spending time being girlie with amazing people who you love.

The pitfalls include: around 8 women who are all of different shapes, sizes, tastes and fashion persuasions trying to find one dress that fits and suits everyone, and the ensuing difficulties this creates.

Lucikly, I think we’ve nailed it, but I feel for those people in a bridal party who can’t decide. I think Kate Moss got it right with her wedding:

kate moss wedding official wedding photos pics bridesmaid dress shopping white fashion blog gemma critchley



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