Playlist Club

5 Oct

I recently got involved with a great little project that my friend Greg and his friend Marie look after, called Playlist Club.

It’s a music curation project, with different people submitting a music mix each week all in the crusade to help the good folk of the internet to find music that is new to them. What I love about Playlist Club is the idea that it is a “haven of curated music amidst a world wide web of algorhithmic recommendations.”

playlist club mixtape music curation gemma critchley greg povey kipikapopo illustration cassette mix

Illustration by

Real music, chosen by real people for real reasons, with a bit of a back story. A digital sharing of a very analogue past time.

This week it was my turn. I made a mixtape about feeling poorly, it inadvertently ended up full of pop punk and ska, with a smattering of indie for good measure. You can listen to my mix and read about it here.


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