X Factor dress hunting

9 Oct

The advent of X Factor has stirred up a few fashion memories…

x factor logo janet devlin dress xfactor live shows white cream fringed dress

I’ve spent tonight reminiscing about the days when it used to be my actual day job to watch stuff like X Factor and pick out the best outfits then try to recreate these via Oli.co.uk. Alas, Oli has changed significantly and is now part of Freemans and I departed for new work-based shores almost a year ago for bigger and better things, but I still miss spending my days immersed in fabulous fashion.

ab fab absolutely fabulous eddie patsy new ab fab series fashion x factor xfactor

So, in homage to my previous life, here’s my favourite outfit from the first of the X factor live shows. I adored Sophie Habibis’ styling too, but Janet Devlin’s cream fringed dress with lush gold embellishment was an absolute winner for me. I find Janet pretty annoying in general and didn’t think the overall styling was amazing for her song – too Florence Welch for me – but this dress was stunning. I’m still trying to find out who it’s by, but for now, behold:

Janet Devlin X Factor live shows cream fringed dress fix you coldplay xfactor girls #xfactor.png

It reminds me a lot of French Connection’s party collection in AW09, which subsequently inspired Oli Premium, the last party season collection I worked on at Oli.co.uk.

french connection oli.co.uk nude pink beaded embellished dress christmas partywear party

Tassles and scalloped edging with embellishment – it shouldn’t work together, but it really, really does. If I find Janet’s dress, it’s definitely a potential contender for my Christmas party outfit…


Thanks to Style Jacking for the heads up that Janet’s dress was from Lucy In Disguise, Lily Allen’s dress shop. Alas, it is vintage and thus probably a one-off, but I can hunt down and style up a similar one. Project!


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