A sunny day in Glasgow

25 Mar

This weekend, the chap and I decided (in the tipsy haze of post-work drinks on Friday) that we would do a roadtrip up to Glasgow the following morning. True to our word, we packed up the car with CDs, bagels and travel sweets and headed north. The sun was out!


Glasgow is an awesome city. I thought it felt a bit like Manchester: quite arty, good vibe, friendly people. On the Saturday I mainly wandered before rinsing the Exec Lounge bar at the Hilton, then in the evening we hit up Brewdog for some awesome punk beers.


Today we went to the Glasgow Museum of Modern Art. They had three David Shrigley drawings, which made me happy. Love a bit of Shriggers. They were also showing a load of photos from the Glasgow art scene over the last few years – gallery openings, people hanging out, that kind of thing. It had a really nice feel to it, like a sense of pride in and hope for the local art scene. It made me feel like I needed to create something and do something different, or be part of something creative… Any suggestions?

All in all it was a lovely weekend, I’ve come back feeling totally relaxed and refreshed and ready to tackle the world. Glasgow is good for the soul!


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