Tribal dance

23 Apr

With the influx of photos from Coachella Festival in California, I’ve started thinking of my own summer festival jaunts and, perhaps more importantly, what I’ll be wearing to them. If any of you went to Coachella, I’m insanely jealous, by the way.

Le chap and I booked our tickets to Optimus Primavera Sound festival in Porto in June, so the hunt is on for those perfect festival essentials. I love the tribal/aztec vibe that was everywhere at Coachella, and this gorgeous tribal-style beaded bag from Accessorize gives the perfect nod to it without having to commit your whole outfit to one theme.

coachella festival bag celeb style fashion gemma critchley beaded tribal aztec bag accessorize

I’m thinking it’d look just as good with a bikini on the beach as it would with denim shorts and a fringed vest for the festival itself. Multitasking I can get on board with!

I’ll definitely be blogging live from Optimus Primavera Sound, hopefully with some good snaps of amazing outfits. Will you be going to any festivals this year? What will you be wearing?


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