Feathering my nest

11 Nov

I’m looking for some picture frames to put up the already awesome posters that I have, but in the process (and via the wonderful world of Pinterest) I’ve started to put together a wish list of other amazing wall candy.

I stumbled across this Etsy shop, The Entropy Trading Company, who have some amazing posters featuring quotes from books and films. My favourites so far are:


Dumb and Dumber poster from The Entropy Trading Company

clueless movie film poster wall art

And this, which is my favourite (despite the American spelling). I love the clean design and the typeface is awesome. The arrow also reminds me of the arrows you see at some old tube stations, like Whitechapel. I found this via Dismount Creative, but unfortunately, the poster is no longer available.

the hunger games poster may the odds be ever in your favor favour katniss art mockingjay poster

I really want some neon/fluoro lettering, although I haven’t come across one that I definitely want yet. I do have a Pinterest board for this wish that I’m collecting ideas on, so if you spot anything good, link me up.


Right, time to go get those picture frames!





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