#13for2013 mixtape #3: ANIMALS

1 Mar

A new month dawns and with it comes a new mixtape challenge as part of 13 for 2013, a thing (project?) devised by myself and Tom and we’ve now got quite a few people doing mixes every month – the more the merrier, so do get involved if you fancy it. Anything goes, all tastes welcome!

This month, we wanted to keep things simple so the theme for the mixtape is:


So your mix can be:

  • Songs about animals or with the names of animals in them
  • Songs by bands with animals in their name
  • Songs related to animals
  • A list of songs about one particular animal
  • Or go conceptual and come up with your own (animal-related) version…

Go wild! (boom boom)

As usual, stick to 12 songs. If you feel inclined, write a blog post about it too – they always make for interesting reading, I love seeing the thought process behind mixtapes.

About #13for2013
The concept is simple, you make 13 mixtapes for 2013, one created each month based on the chosen theme (I’m hoping they introduce a 13th month at some point this year…). These are created by whoever wants to get involved as shareable playlists on Spotify, YouTube, etc. and then shared via Twitter and blogs. Previous themes have included A Time and a Place and The Best of Your Best.

If you have any suggestions for future mixtapes, let us know!

When you post your mixtape link on Twitter, use the #13for2013 hashtag on Twitter then follow that and you’ll hopefully get a few mixtapes back in return to listen to. Tag me in the posts too, because I’m nosy: @GemStGem

Happy mixing!


8 Responses to “#13for2013 mixtape #3: ANIMALS”

  1. thomhoops March 1, 2013 at 5:02 pm #

    Reblogged this on Swashbuckling Stuff and commented:
    Mixtape number 3 for #13for2013 courtesy of Gem is go go go. Details below!


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