#13for2013 mixtape challenge #4: HOLIDAY!

4 Apr

So, a new month dawns and with it comes a new #13for2013 mixtape challenge. If you haven’t heard of the challenge, you can find out more about how it came about here.

Anyway, last month we had an amazing response to our Animal-themed mixtape challenge, with people going conceptual with the Chinese zodiac, people monkeying around and a whole host of people joining us to make mixes who hadn’t done previously; including Slick Nick and Vinny and Lauren.

This month, the theme has been suggested by Bob Flood. In light of the current lack of spring, sunshine, vitamin D or anything to make us feel remotely like the seasons have changed, he’s suggested we go on a musical trip with this month’s mix theme being:




So, take that theme and go nuts with it. Maybe you want to take us on a muscial journey to one place. Maybe to several of your faves. Maybe to somewhere you’ve never been but like the sound of. From Blackpool to Bali (or maybe Miami to Ibiza?), it’s totally up to you.

Do get involved if you like the sound of it, the more the merrier! It’s mixtaping for music’s sake and you can do it however you like, blog post, Spotify playlist, YouTube playlist. It can be as complex or as simple as you like, the only sort-of rules are:

  • Stick to 12 songs
  • Stick to the theme of holidays (however loosely…)
  • Share your playlist with us on Twitter; use the hashtag #13for2013 and tag me @GemStGem or Tom @ThomHoops
  • Finish your mix by the end of April, ready for the next theme.

I’ve already got a few high expectations for mixes based on my favourite submissions from last time. No pressure…

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions for future mixes, send them my way.

Happy mixing!

6 Responses to “#13for2013 mixtape challenge #4: HOLIDAY!”

  1. B Adham April 22, 2013 at 3:51 pm #

    Loving the blog! Uber cool Gem!! x


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