#13for2013 mixtape challenge 4: Holiday Destinations

30 Apr

So, I’ve been slacking this month and have only just managed to get my mixtape done in time for us to start a new mixtape challenge afresh in May. We don’t have a theme yet, but watch this space and we’ll come up with one shortly. If you have any ideas, let me know on Twitter. This month’s theme for the #13for2013 mixtape challenge was Holiday Destinations.


Since the theme was set, I’ve been lucky enough to book a holiday to Seville and Malaga in sunny Spain, so I decided, quite simply, to base my holiday around those places, with a few general references to holidays/spain in general. Enjoy!

Final call for the playlist at gate 8…

Recycled Air by The Postal Service

Sunny Seville by Super Furry Animals

3am Spanish by Hockey

Spanish Sahara by Foals

From Africa to Malaga by JJ

I’m going to Spain by The Fall

Seville by Pinback

Mañana by Desaparecidos

Holiday by The Get Up Kids

Spanish Bombs by The Clash

Spanish Harlem by The Drifters

Jump in the Pool by Friendly Fires

Phew! It’s almost time for May’s mixtape, looks like I just made it…

IBTL in before the lock meme




One Response to “#13for2013 mixtape challenge 4: Holiday Destinations”

  1. poppeelings May 1, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

    I wasn’t up the challenge of this one as I could only think of DK’s Holiday in Cambodia, however I have dusted myself off from this crushing knockout defeat and am ready to get back in the ring to do 10 rounds with the next mixtape goal.

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