Guest post: #13for2013 mixtape 5: The Movies

1 Jun

The theme for June’s #13for2013 mixtape comes courtesy of Nico Adams, one of the participants of the mixtape challenge and friend of #13for2013 co-founder, Tom.


June’s theme is: The Movies.



Here’s the (rather eloquent) inspiration behind Nico’s idea:

“The relationship between Film and Music is inescapable. Picking the right song or composition that can capture a moment, a feeling, a place, can be a magical thing. Whether it’s comedy, tragedy, scene setting or the opening/closing credits, a film soundtrack takes us on a journey through a directors own personal collection and imagination.

Classic exponents of this are Quentin Tarantino, Wes Anderson, Cameron Crowe and Baz Luhrmann to name a few. This is a particularly good article on Tarantino.

Like previous playlists this months challenge can be interpreted in many ways so whether you decide to choose songs from your favourite films, terrible examples of music used in film or become your own director and create a fantasy soundtrack to your own perfect film citing specific songs for key narrative points, just run wild with it and see where it takes you!”

The rules are the same as always, make a mixtape in whichever format you choose; Spotify playlist, YouTube playlist, blog post, the choice is yours. Your playlist should be 12 tracks long and once you’ve done it, share it on Twitter by tweeting @13for2013 and using the #13for2013 hashtag. We even have a logo for the challenge now, courtesy of Danny Sturgess.



Happy mixtaping!


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