#13for2013 mixtape 10: Going solo

2 Oct

So, we’re on to the 10th mixtape challenge of the year – where does time go?

The theme for this month’s mixtape is going solo, and was an idea from Tom, which came from a suggestion by Paul, one of our long-running mixtapers, which I’m now blogging for your mixtape briefing pleasure (we do like to collaborate, don’t we?). Paul suggested going down a singer/songwriter route, so to open that up a bit, we thought of going it alone with the solo theme.

Not to be confused with popular life philosophy of going YOLO, this is a nice, open topic – feel free to interpret it in whichever way you like. Your mix could feature solo artists, band members who’ve gone solo, songs with awesome guitar solos… You get the idea.

solo debit card

This month’s mixtape theme: your flexible friend

Usual rules apply, one playlist in any format you like (Spotify, YouTube, a basic list, an actual tape or CD, whatever you like), with 12 songs, shared via Twitter; tagging @13for2013 or hashtagging #13for2013.

If you’ve never done a mixtape with us before, give it a go!

Happy mixtaping…




7 Responses to “#13for2013 mixtape 10: Going solo”

  1. thomhoops October 2, 2013 at 9:52 pm #

    Reblogged this on Swashbuckling Stuff and commented:
    Going Solo is the open-ended title of #13for2013 #10. How will you interpret it?


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