#13for2013 mixtape 9: Schooled

2 Oct

Okay, so you might have noticed I’ve been frantically updating my late mixtapes. I’ve always shared them via Twitter but due to various (boring) reasons, I’ve been a bit slack on the old blogging front of late. ANYWAY, I’m back!

September’s mixtape challenge, which was set in one of my favourite posts of the #13for2013 challenge so far, was ‘Back to school’. So, here’s my offering:

Most of the songs on there are chosen because they’re about school. I really enjoyed this challenge; not least because I discovered a few songs I hadn’t heard before or in a while from bands I love, like Modest Mouse, The Lawrence Arms and Perfume Genius; but I also got to discover a few songs that I ended up really enjoying – yes, I’m talking about ‘Bikeshed’ by Let Loose (sorry).

There are a couple of curve balls in there – namely Gangster’s Paradise (it was on that film about school – Dangerous Minds? – and was basically played non-stop when I first started secondary school) and Song for Whoever, by the Beautiful South, which references the humble pencil case – one of the things that always sticks in my mind when I think about school. Many a lesson was spent scratching the coating off my pencil tin with a compass or declaring my latest crush via the medium of permanent marker on a pen holder cleverly disguised as a crisp packet.

A*s all round to the mixtapes I’ve heard so far!


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