#13for2013 #11 – World Music

5 Nov

Like Michael Palin, Phileas Fogg and that chap off of the Gap Yah videos, many people have been around the world. Now, it’s your turn to load up your backpack, pay attention to the safety demonstration and take us on your own musical journey around the globe. Rather than focus on songs about travelling, the idea is to broaden our musical horizons beyond the acts most of us would normally listen to by featuring bands and artists that aren’t from round ‘ere.

you're not from round here, are you? This is a local shop for local people.

So, without further ado…

… This month’s mixtape theme (theme number 11 would you believe – there are just two left!) is based around an idea from Gav Hutchinson, one of the mixtapers from the #13for2013 challenge. Gav’s idea is to put together a compilation of songs that come from artists that are not from England or America. Call it the Tony and George Dubya clause, or the Maggie And Ronald, if you will (that’s courtesy of Tom).

I’m excited to discover some new music instead of defaulting to my favourite (predominantly English and American) artists and also looking forward to seeking out some foreign language songs. This is a broad brief, any genre and any song/piece of music goes. It’s time to spread your musical wings…

Up for the challenge? Simply create a 12-song Spotify playlist/blogpost/mixtape/CD/YouTube playlist and share this via Twitter using #13for2013 before 30th November 2013. Follow @13for2013 to see your fellow mixtapers’ mixes – this month’s theme is sure to uncover some undiscovered gems.

Happy mixtaping!


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