#13for2013 #12: CHRISTMAS

2 Dec

It’s beginning to sound a lot like Christmas…

Whether you’re Team Humbug or you’ve already covered your entire house in glitter and fake snow, you can’t fail to avoid the yearly onslaught of aural festivities that you’re destined to hear from now until January.

With that in mind, the theme for the 12th #13for2013 mixtape (just one more left!) is a simple one:


Don’t celebrate Christmas or just plain hate it? Share your favourite songs that remind you of December instead. Not a fan of Christmas songs? Go for a list of Christmas songs that aren’t about Christmas, or a list of songs that should have been Christmas songs that aren’t. There’s loads of fun to be had with this one, go crackers! (Sorry).

Usual rules apply: make a playlist with 12 songs via Spotify/YouTube/your blog/etc. and share this on Twitter, using hashtag #13for2013 or tagging @13for2013. Deadline for this one is 24th December, as we have our final mixtape of the year to fit in before we hit 2014…

Happy festive mixtaping!

Now, where’s the port and cheese?


4 Responses to “#13for2013 #12: CHRISTMAS”


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