A new mixtape era: 12Playlists

21 Jan

Post by Tom, from the 12Playlists Tumblr

Last year saw a group of music-lovers get together and found #13for2013, a challenge where we curated thirteen playlists in response to a series of monthly themes (plus a bonus one for good measure). We enjoyed ourselves so much we have vowed to carry on. As a result @12Playlists was born.

12playlists #12playlists mixtapes 2014 challenge gemma critchley

In 2014, and hopefully beyond (shoot for the moon and all that), we want as many people as possible to get involved and both create and suggest playlist themes. Compile your ideas into a 12-track mixtape using Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, a barber’s shop quartet, a real C90 cassette tape, whatever, and we’ll link them all here. It’s always better if you explain your choices because no-one is a mind reader (except the people who knew we were going to put that) and it allows people to go off piste and super-creative with their interpretation of the theme.

The first theme brief will go up soon, but in the meantime please be sure to follow @12Playlists on Twitter, and if you include the #12Playlists hashtag in your tweet it will automatically get shared.

Please spread the word and get involved. We are not muso snobs, everything from Vanessa Carlton to T’Pau to Deftones to Diplo was used last year and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Thanks for reading and hopefully welcome on board!

12Playlists x


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