Subversive social communities to drive organisational change

21 Mar

This is an interesting article about how subversive social communities are making changes in organisations that was shared on Yammer at work. It’s good to see these thoughts articulated like this, but I think that subversive change by small, passionate groups of people always been the way that cultural shifts have been made, whether these communities are formalised or not and whether or not they’re in an organisation or in society in general.

I definitely agree with the idea idea that our role in a community is dependent on reputation, not hierarchy.

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Communities are on my mind this week: we interact with them in so many ways, find them in so many places and achieve so much within and alongside them (which is why they sit at the heart of Social Leadership ). Today, i’m reflecting on the role of subversive communities to drive change .

Subversive Communities Communities don’t just offer challenge and support: they can be engine of change, subverting established routine and process

Communities serve many functions: for challenge, for support, to co-create meaning and for ‘sense making‘, but a central role is to subvert established authority and process. Effectively, they can be bodies for driving change.

I’m particularly interested in this co-creative and co-owned model as it changes the fundamental dynamic of change: instead of it being us against the organisation, it becomes a question of whether you are part of the change community or outside it, which…

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