#12playlists 4: SLEEP

30 Apr

Woah, where did the month go? Did I sleep through April? Well, no, actually – I didn’t. It’s been a crazy busy month so very little sleeping has been done, which is quite apt as the theme for April’s #12playlists is SLEEP.

This month, I’ve tried to veer away from my usual ‘songs about X’ approach and have gone for a more story-based tack.

This is the sleepy tale of a big night out…

1. A-Track: Disco Nap
We all need a disco nap now and again. A half hour of power to help you get back on it. Don’t listen to this song if you’re trying to sleep, though – it will have the exact opposite effect and will send you back out into the dancefloor. Which is where you head to following the disco nap.

2. Arcade Fire: Rebellion (Lies)
This is a perfect song for staying up to: ‘every time you close your eyes, lies!’ And ‘sleeping is giving in, no matter what the time is’ are two of my all time favourite lyrics. Stay awake and keep dancing!

3. Beastie Boys: No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn
Time for the chant of the die-hard last few who have made it into the small hours. Chant along with them as sleep still seems a long way off…

4. Faithless: Insomnia
Now you’ve danced so much you can’t sleep, even if you want to. If you can’t beat ’em (deniers of sleep?) then join ’em. Preferably to this song, which understands your plight entirely.

5. Braid: Now I’m Exhausted
And rightly so after all that partying! Can you feel your eyelids getting heavy?

6. The Chordettes: Mr. Sandman
Lucky you, insomniac party animal. Here comes Mr. Sandman, just in time for the journey home….

7. Múm: Asleep on a train
… Which is where you fall asleep to the rhythmic clatter of the train on tracks. There is no better and no worse place to fall to sleep. Incidentally, I woke myself up snoring in the Overground yesterday. Oops.

8. Lanterns on the Lake: I love you, Sleepyhead
Which is just the kind of thing you want to hear as you’re drifting off. This song is a perfect bedtime track, just beautiful.

9. Pavement: Filmore Jive
So you’ve arrived home and you’re heading for bed. Morning already looms on the horizon but all you can think is ‘I need to sleep’.

10. The Postal Service: Sleeping In
Hurrah! You made it to bed! Now to ensure you don’t get woken up too early. Tell all those morning folk that you’ll be having a lie-in and to hell with everything else.

11. Wham!: Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
So you’re now stirring as you head into a deep sleep, but you don’t want your other half/partner in crime to do one before you’ve had chance to relive the magic of the night before. So you ask them to give you a shake before they leave.

12. The Rumble Strips: Alarm Clock
And, just like that, as soon as your head hits the pillow and you close your eyes, the eternal enemy of sleep wages war on your dreams.

Hit that snooze button…

So that’s it – let me know what you thought on Twitter: @gemstgem #12playlists. Follow @12playlists to find out how to get involved with our next mixtape challenge.


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