#12playlists 6: RAGE

2 Jul

June’s mixtape theme was RAGE for the #12playlists challenge. Those of you who know me will know that not much gets me mad, so I had chosen to base my entire mix around the one thing that gets me more than mildly ticked off: people who don’t press the button at pedestrian crossings.

The instructions are WRITTEN ON THE BOX, for crying out loud.


Now, I know it doesn’t sound bad, but I never noticed people doing (or not doing) this until I moved to That London. And nine times out of ten, even though everyone in this town is rushing at a million miles an hour to get somewhere, they will stop and dawdle at each and every pedestrian crossing, oblivious to the fact that PRESSING THE BUTTON MAKES THE CARS STOP SO THEY CAN CROSS QUICKER.


Do me a favour, kids. Next time you’re at a crossing, just press the blooming button.



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