#12playlists 10: Halloween

19 Oct

For this month’s #12playlists mixtape, join me on a misadventure through a post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested land… If you dare!


Track 1: The Blue Wrath from Shaun of the Dead.

DON’T PANIC. Stay quiet. Here, take this. Yeah, I know it’s a shovel. I’m not asking you to dig your own hole; not yet anyway.

You’re going to need it if you want to survive. Knock their head off or smash their brains in, it’s your only chance. Don’t look at me like that. Trust me. It sounds sick and yeah, the sound still gets to me, but unless you want to become one of… them… you’re going to have to learn to fight.

Track 2: The Smith – Panic

Come on, don’t start hyperventilating. You’re lucky you’ve been out cold for so long. You’ve missed the worst of it. Well, I’d like to hope it was the worst… Mate, mate, chill out! Stop freaking out, they’re going to notice where we’re hiding! Oh shi- here comes one now!

Track 3: Lady Gaga – Teeth

Grab the shovel! What are you doing? Get away from them! If they bite you, you’re screwed. There’s one to your left! No, no; YOUR left! Swing! Nice! Now behind you! Jab him, yeah like that! In the eye! Ugh, there’s more. Oh man, there’s loads of them.

Track 4 – Jonathan Coulton – RE: Your Brains

Here comes another one, get ready. Wait, isn’t that Rob from your office? I mean, he’s looking worse for wear but I’d recognise that tie anywhere… You’re just going to have to do it, if not, he’s going to eat your brain. I’m serious. Move!

Track 5: Queen – Another one bites the dust

I said MOVE! He’s going for your neck! I’ll try and and get him from the side. Uhhh! Watch out! Run! He’s… He’s… Oh no, please no, not another one. He’s got you… You’re going to change, it’s going to happen. I can see it happening even now. Don’t shake your head; you think you’re dying – if only that was true. This is much, much worse. You know what I’m going to have to do when you change.

Track 6: Chromeo – Come Alive

Your eyes are flickering, I know what comes next. The gurgling, bloody choke of the death rattle, one more gasping breath then silence; that awful calm before the storm. I’ve seen it happen to them all: little Danny, Dad, Tash, Tom, Rav. All of them, all gone. Then all back, with a terrible growl and eyes rolled to the skies like they might hold some sort of, I dunno. Some sort of answer. I’d say they came back to life, but they didn’t. They were alive, but dead.

Track 7: Marina & The Diamonds – The living dead

And then every one of them I let them go, thought they’d leave me be, some sort of loyalty harking back to their previous life. But all of them came staggering back, arms outstretched, empty eyes and bloodied mouths. The living dead. I hesitated to call them Zombies. Thought that was a bit dramatic. Typical, eh? It’s the apocalypse and I didn’t want to cause a fuss.

Track 8: In the house in a heartbeat from 28 Days Later

Well, as I see you stagger and lurch around the room from my hiding place, I’m not bothered what anyone or anything is called. This is bleak. You were the one person I hoped to find alive and the one person I hoped I’d be able to save. But I couldn’t.

Track 9: Jamie T – Zombie

So yes, I can break out the Z-word now. You’re a zombie. They all are. I doubt there’s anyone else left in the world; you were the first person I’d seen in days.

Track 10: The Cranberries – Zombie

I’ve tried to stay chipper, to be hopeful and optimistic in the face of zombie hoards, but it’s tough. I’ve always been positive, but how can you stay that way when you’re the only one left? Would it really be so bad to join them…?

Track 10: Send More Paramedics: Zombie Crew

I can see the crowd mounting outside now. I’ve held this place down for three days and it’s minutes from being overrun. I know I can escape, there’s a way out via the roof. But where would I go next? And why? What’s the point? A mosh pit of flailing arms and legs rages in silhouette at the window. The groans of the undead seem to chant as if in song. I look to the escape hatch in the roof, knowing that if I was quiet and quick, I could make it out and make a break for it. I look to the window, see the first corner cracks appear in the pane from the pressure of the crowd. I reckon I have about 4:07 minutes before they get in.

Track Twelve: REM – It’s the end of the world as we know it

There’s only one thing for it…


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