Do you work for an ‘evil’ company?

15 Jan

@GemStGem: #Values, @Google, ‘evil’ firms & connecting with why you do what you do: a thought-provoking read from Charlie Kneen.

Sponge Parrot

Google executives Jonathan Rosenberg and Eric Schmidt seem convinced of their company’s benevolence, indeed one of their “10 things we know to be true” is “you can make money without doing evil”. Sure you can, if you siphon all your tax into an offshore account.

Brushing that minor contradiction aside, Rosenberg and Schmidt go to great lengths in their book ‘How Google Works’ to explain that “do no evil” is part of Google’s culture. They tell delightful anecdotes of their employees passionately defending this value. What this means is Googlers can be proud to work there, there is no stigma attached to being a software engineer for a company that “does no evil”. In Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards 2015, guess who’s number 1. Leaders at Google expect a lot from their people; there is no work-life balance because at Google, work is your life, and you love it…

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