A learner’s strongest motivator is their identity

22 Jul

Really interesting take on how identity links with motivation and gamification in learning. Now, what would Charlie do…?

Sponge Parrot

There’s been quite a bit of debate at work recently around gamification in learning. Specifically, is it good or bad, and should we be using it in some way to motivate learners to engage with our resources? This is in the context of some initial forays into the gamified-informal-learning space and we are yet to see results, mainly because we’re still at the early stages into the experiment.

The discussion is yet to reach a conclusion, but in a meeting this week my thoughts started to coalesce around the idea of identity which may have far-reaching consequences for how I approach my work in future.

There has already been convincing research into the power of social proof in motivation. ‘Brain Science for Dummies’ says something like, we have evolved as a species with powerful instincts. to form groups. Strength in numbers was the only way to survive vicious attacks from wild-beasts. And the…

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