Park it like you stole it

4 Aug

Day 4 of training for Judgement Day was the first session I’ve done that wasn’t solo. It helped! Doing it with a partner (especially one who knows how to actually do stuff for training) really helped. I was also absolutely awful at 90% of the activities we tried, but I suppose it’s better to realise that now when I can get better at them, rather than on the day, right?

Here’s the evidence:

My workout partner today is Nick. Nick is one of six of us who’ll be doing Judgement Day in October. Hopefully over the course of training you’ll get to meet the other folk who’re doing it too, via this blog.

Today involved:

Pull ups (or dangling, if you’re me)
Hurdles (I climbed over them instead)
Dips (or not, zero done)
Shuffling along two bars using my arms (I did it once)
Kind of press ups on two bars (I could do 4 and a half)
Jumping onto a log and balancing, Karate Kid-style (I surprised myself by actually being able to do this!)

All whilst completing a running circuit of Bedfont Lakes Country Park, which is about 3km I think. My Nike+ doesn’t record this kind of training, of course, which is something I’m going to have to get used to – this blog and the videos should help me to track my progress.

All in all, apart from the running, I think I’d rate myself 2/10 in terms of readiness for the race. So it’s a good thing I have 3 months to train! Doing this has been really good as I’ve learnt that running, whilst giving me decent levels of fitness, is not enough for this race. I need to start pushing myself out of my comfort zone!

I also like the fact that we just had a go and despite different levels of fitness, we did it together – that’s what I’m looking forward to about the race itself, doing it as a team.

Some things I want to work on this week in readiness for next Tuesday’s session are:

Sprints (tomorrow!)
Lat pulldowns
Bar hanging (try and get to one handed hangs)

I also want to get a big bit of rubber and a bag of sand to help me to train, but I’m unsure how to procure said items without looking like I have a very strange fetish.

Onwards and sideways!

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