6 Tips to Stop Talking and Start Walking Innovation

29 Jun

Just brilliant.

Innovation is a buzzword. It’s a fun buzzword but it’s still a buzzword. Innovative organisations don’t need to claim to be innovative, just as organisations that are courageous, diverse and respectful, don’t need claim they are so. Often if it’s true, it doesn’t need to be said.

This is also apparent in the reverse, which is why we hear people who voted for Brexit saying, “I’m not racist, but…”. Values in business are too often aspirational, rather than real; they are a gloss of paint to cover the true form.


This post isn’t a criticism of companies that position themselves as innovative. It’s just that the innovation claim usually indicates the start of long cultural journey rather than the end of it.

People tend to treat internal and external communication as a way of making things so, as if the CEO telling his/her employees something, will flick a switch and bring a…

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