5 film script basics you can apply to work

15 Sep

Ace thoughts on what we can learn from films.

I have a novice mind when it comes to script writing, but Superman vs Batman made me realise there are millionaires who can’t write for toffee.


There are pretty simple tests I apply to watching films, and it might save you two hours if you can decide quite quickly if a film is going to suck.

There are also relevant lessons to be learned for general business communications and learning videos, which you might borrow to be more convincing.

Point #1 Subtext

In bad films you will find characters saying what they mean or explaining the story with the writers voice (exposition).

Good films in contrast explain the story or explore character traits implicitly. This means relying on the audience’s emotional intelligence to read character motivations, and inner conflict, from their actions.

The best films are those where the character’s behaviour shows you who they are. Think of the scene in the…

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