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#oneaday 135: I’m working on my backwards walk

31 May

Today is a day that I share wonderful, wonderful music with you. I was going to spend today’s entry telling you how much I love Frightened Rabbit and why, but I was browsing through a few of the blogs that I follow (see side bar to the right for links to some of my faves) when I came across this entry that I must have completely missed when it was posted last month and that post says it far more eloquently than I will.

Frightened Rabbit the midnight organ fight review scottish band indie music

Just reading that entry has made me put on The Midnight Organ Fight. This album makes me feel almost exactly the same way I felt when I first heard Letting Off The Happiness by Bright Eyes, which is always in my top five albums of all time. It’s just so honest and filled with emotion, wonderfully poetic lyrics that are heartfelt without being too twee and a perfect cocktail of soaring highs and crashing lows that make me just want to lie on the floor with a bottle of whisky and drink and sing into the night.

Frightened Rabbit have kind of crept up on me and have slipped themselves quietly into my list of favourite bands – I loved the first song I ever heard by them (Keep Yourself Warm) and then I saw them at a festival, then my friend Emma and I have slowly fallen in love and I’ve seen them play live twice this year already.

Go and have a read, then have a listen, then say hello to your new favourite band.

#oneaday 59: Blog spotlight

28 Feb

Today I was most pleasantly surprised to find that this here very blog that your eyes are perusing has been bestowed with the shiny light of the Blog Spotlight on the One a Day homepage. I feel honoured! There are loads of ace blogs featured in the project so to be picked out made me feel extra spesh (not spesh needs, before you start).

one a day blog project

I love the end/beginning of the week spotlight updates and love how Pete, the project organiser/chief type person painstakingly scours everyone’s blogs through the week and does a picks of the week post. I’d definitely recommend going and taking a look at this week’s post that features fiction, haircuts and cities of the world. I can’t quite believe I’m almost into the third month of blogging for the one a day gang – I’m really enjoying it and have never felt like it’s been a chore. Admittedly, there’ve been a couple of times that I’ve slipped up and done a late post, but I’m loving having an excuse/release to write something that I’m not duty-bound to do.

If you’ve liked anything you’ve read so far, why not drop us a quid or two via the #oneaday Just Giving page to help us support Cancer Research? Or even just click the socialvibe link on the right to help donate to a suicide prevention charity for free?

#oneaday 56: (late) Amazing bookshops around the world

27 Feb

This post is for Friday. I’ve had an exceptionally busy week, being the social butterfly that I am. Although social seagull is probably a better description of me. I’m not that graceful.

Andrea writes The Art of Staying up all night, one of my all-time favourite blogs. She’s doing a series at the moment of posts about amazing bookshops around the world and she kindly included my write-up about The Rude Shipyard Beneath My Window. You can read this by clicking here.

the rude shipyard book shop sheffield

This was taken from an old Biography of a Beatific Beatnik post, the original can be found here.


#oneaday 25: Dedicated

25 Jan

Saw this today, it struck a chord. Think it’s time for a digital detox! #oneaday excluded, natch.

stare at the monitor all day fuck yeah helvetica

Dedicated to wonderful folk for being wonderful.

#oneaday 18 – Things real people don’t say about advertising

18 Jan

Having worked in or with advertising, marketing and design for the last five years, I’ve come to appreciate (and to laugh at) some of the industry’s little quirks. There are certain phrases that you can guarantee will get said in creative meetings, or little sayings that trip off the tongue without a second thought. Looking at this objectively, I try to make sure I only comment when it can add value, when it’s a valid point and I’ve learnt that sometimes it’s okay to compromise or to simply concede that someone else’s idea of perfect will never be the same as my idea of perfect.

things real people don't say about advertising

A bit like life in general, really.

Anyway, there are clearly a fair few folk who think otherwise and they’ve been captured in this utterly brilliant Tumblr account, Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising. Click and enjoy. I think Ciaran in particular (who is also doing #oneaday) will like this.

#oneaday 15 – Reasons to be Cheerful

15 Jan

Yes, it’s January and yes, everyone is skint, miserable and fed up. So here are some reasons to be cheerful:

1. Exercising.

Since Christmas, I’ve been going hard at le gym and I’m really enjoying it.

ok go treadmills dance gym

Now I have a deadline, and a goal. I’m going away in 14 weeks to celebrate the fact that one of my best friends is getting married. So I’ve set myself a target of three gym sessions per week and lots of healthy eating. I vow to be a massive hot WAG-type person by the time April gets here.

2. Birthday parties

Tonight I’m hitting up my beloved hometown of Sheffield for one of my friend’s birthdays. We’re going to our favourite little Italian, BB’s, and will no doubt indulge in some cocktails and dancing too. I can’t wait to see everyone and to visit the mothership. Plus, it means I get to bake a cake when I get home from the gym.

cake boss buddy birthday cake

3. The fact that lots of people are still actively doing #oneaday

#oneaday one a day bloggers pete davison angry jedi

The amount of people still blogging for #oneaday is impressive, part way through the month and enthusiasm is still strong. If you’ve read any of the one a day bloggers’ stuff and liked it, take a few secs to click on the banner on the right to help our charities for free, or you can donate cold, hard, (virtual) cash to Cancer Research UK via the justgiving link on the right,

Ahhhhhhh… Fashion!

7 Jan

How did making people not-naked come to be so fascinating?


Telegraph fashion website header typography


I’ve always liked to dress up. And I suppose later, this mutated into being interested in fashion. But even now, after working in the fashion industry and keeping a fashion blog for a good few months, I still don’t think that being ‘into fashion’ really covers it. It’s more like I’m interested in how trends are created, how looks affect perceptions, how identities are formed and broken depending on what you choose to wear.

I’d always intended to make Fridays my day to talk about fashion for #oneaday but today this happened almost accidentally. I was commenting on my friend Alex’s #oneaday blog, which raised questions like:

Is it wrong to not follow fashion?

Are people who don’t follow fashion more narcissistic than those who do, simply because they stick to what makes them look best rather than experimenting with new clothes?

What do you think?

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My first post of the 2011 one a day project

1 Jan

MMXI. It sounds like a shortened version of Mexborough, the town where I was born, co-incidentally. Which must make 2011 My Year, or something.

fonts welcome to mexborough

This is my first post of the one a day project, where myself and a gang of other literally inclined (that phrase looks wrong but does actually make sense, trust me) are attempting to post one blog every day in 2011. The project was started by Pete and I heard about it through my friend Ian, who successfully completed one a day last year and who subsequently inspired me to get involved. This year, we’re blogging for charity, so if you’re feeling kind, visit our justgiving page and donate to support Cancer Research UK.

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Round up of 2010

28 Dec

The last year has been eventful to say the least. 3 jobs and 3 houses later and I’m finally feeling all settled and ready to give you my review of the year’s stuff. Enjoy! Feel free to argue/agree with me by leaving a comment. What were your fave things of 2010?

2010 year in review

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Reasons to be cheerful #2

23 Sep

Here is a list of things that have lifted my spirits of late…

Having tea with friends

… Including the chap who keeps a rather nice blog over at Mount Analogue.  I had virtual tea and a natter via email with another friend today too (mainly because he lives as far away as is humanly possible without leaving the country) but his one a day updates are also worth a read .

I like mine Neue 45 light. No sugar.

I like mine Neue 45 light. No sugar.

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