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Achieving my life’s dreams by proxy

25 Jun

I’ve been reading books by a rather fabulous author, Lindsey Kelk for a while now. Anyway, she doesn’t just write stories, she also blogs quite a bit, about beauty, (good) music and her own adventures.

On her blog a while back, she asked her readers to submit their ‘to do’ lists as part of the launch of her latest novel, The Single Girl’s to do list. So I did. She posted it on her blog alongside the others and I was thrilled with that, but I never imagined it’d end up in the actual printed, published book.

But it did!

Gemma Critchley Lindsey Kelk the single girl's to do list book writing published chick lit i heart new york cover       Lindsey Kelk the single girl's to do list waterstones book offer cover

I hope no one was offended by anything in there (especially my lovely family or chap, I said I felt like the black sheep as I wasn’t married/had kids but we don’t actually have any kind of black sheep – and I’m not a single girl, but I do have a to do list – it just sounds good for dramtic effect. It was either that or ‘SHARK ATTACK’ and I don’t think that would cut it, judging by the odd looks given to the woman on the direct line advert when she suggests it).

I saw it today in Waterstone’s in all its papery glory and I was dizzy with happiness. Okay, so it’s one page in someone else’s book so I’m not a published writer in the proper official sense, but if you look at the technicalities, I can kind of say I’ve achieved a small part of a big dream. My name is on there, and even the link to my blog got published and it mentions the very wonderful One a Day Project, too (which you can donate money to for Cancer Research here if you’re feeling generous). I’m rather proud and can’t wait to get properly stuck into the rest of the story, too. You can buy it here if you want to read it.

This has all spurred me on to write even more – not just via this blog but to carry on with the stories as well.

All in all a great day. I also found out my amazing little sister passed a big part of her teacher training course and one of my best  friends got a first in his engineering degree. Hurrahs all round!

Without wanting to sound too much like Heather Small: What have you done lately that makes you feel proud?

#oneaday 125: people are amazing

19 May

My friend at work showed me this video today. I absolutely love it. Not because it’s about love, or marriage, or because I wish it’d happen to me (I don’t). I just love the idea that someone would care about someone so much that they’d go to that massive effort to put all of that together. It’s awesome. Enjoy:

If you’re ever feeling a bit down on the world, watch something like this and remind yourself that amazing people exist. People are generally nice and mostly good-hearted. They do things because they care about other people. They make fools of themselves to raise a smile. They go to extreme lengths to show that they care. People are great.

#oneaday 19 – what a loser

19 Jan

Today I’ve taken a proactive step in terms of being healthy, inspired by Faye’s Weightloss Wednesday posts. I aim to lose a stone and four pounds in the next twelve weeks with a combination of gym, gym, gym and healthy eating. Now I have a goal, and some good support (I don’t mean a sports bra, although incidentally that will come in handy), I know it will happen. I’ve oddly been motivated by another blog that I follow, which charts the progress of a man battling with all kinds of demons and yet he keeps going, despite various setbacks. Quite inspirational.

thinspiration nicole richie before and after

I’ll hopefully be posting success stories every Wednesday from now on, but for now, some thinspiration… (and before anyone says it, no, I don’t mean the ridiculous pro-anorexia/bulemia kind)
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The Saturday Guardian on a Wednesday

12 Jan

The Saturday Guardian has been one of the things I look forward to the most for the past five or so years. I bought the paper on Saturday and I’ve only just got round to reading it properly, but it stirred up some memories and I thought I’d share them.

Guardian weekend saturday guardian news paper supplements

Saturday morning memories on a Wednesday…

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#one a day 5 – fairytale endings for the homeless voiceover man

5 Jan

This is the first Wishlist Wednesday post of #oneaday. It’s not really a wishlist this week, I don’t feel like I actually want anything after such an excessive festive season. So, I think I’ll just talk about something that made me smile today.

Someone sent this video around at work. I love how this homeless man with a golden voice for radio had 50 job offers and over 5 millions hits on YouTube. The power of the internet, eh.
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My first post of the 2011 one a day project

1 Jan

MMXI. It sounds like a shortened version of Mexborough, the town where I was born, co-incidentally. Which must make 2011 My Year, or something.

fonts welcome to mexborough

This is my first post of the one a day project, where myself and a gang of other literally inclined (that phrase looks wrong but does actually make sense, trust me) are attempting to post one blog every day in 2011. The project was started by Pete and I heard about it through my friend Ian, who successfully completed one a day last year and who subsequently inspired me to get involved. This year, we’re blogging for charity, so if you’re feeling kind, visit our justgiving page and donate to support Cancer Research UK.

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Fabulous festivities

27 Dec

Here’s wishing that Christmas brought you everything you wanted.

Not just in terms of gifts (although these are clearly amazing) but also in terms of happiness, serenity, wellbeing, perspective, all the things that we’re sometimes too busy whizzing around to notice/get/appreciate for the other 364 days of the year. I feel really calm, calmer and more relaxed than I have done in months and I think it’s because of having such a lovely Christmas. This Christmas has been really laid-back, not too lairy and generally wonderful and lovely. I’ve spent some real QT with la familia, met up with old and new friends on Christmas eve and had a lovely afternoon today exchanging presents with the chap.

I’m planning to do a full run-down of my top 10s of the year (music/games/books/etc.) and will probably pen this mid week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, have some photos…

Critchmas tree

Critchmas tree

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