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Achieving my life’s dreams by proxy

25 Jun

I’ve been reading books by a rather fabulous author, Lindsey Kelk for a while now. Anyway, she doesn’t just write stories, she also blogs quite a bit, about beauty, (good) music and her own adventures.

On her blog a while back, she asked her readers to submit their ‘to do’ lists as part of the launch of her latest novel, The Single Girl’s to do list. So I did. She posted it on her blog alongside the others and I was thrilled with that, but I never imagined it’d end up in the actual printed, published book.

But it did!

Gemma Critchley Lindsey Kelk the single girl's to do list book writing published chick lit i heart new york cover       Lindsey Kelk the single girl's to do list waterstones book offer cover

I hope no one was offended by anything in there (especially my lovely family or chap, I said I felt like the black sheep as I wasn’t married/had kids but we don’t actually have any kind of black sheep – and I’m not a single girl, but I do have a to do list – it just sounds good for dramtic effect. It was either that or ‘SHARK ATTACK’ and I don’t think that would cut it, judging by the odd looks given to the woman on the direct line advert when she suggests it).

I saw it today in Waterstone’s in all its papery glory and I was dizzy with happiness. Okay, so it’s one page in someone else’s book so I’m not a published writer in the proper official sense, but if you look at the technicalities, I can kind of say I’ve achieved a small part of a big dream. My name is on there, and even the link to my blog got published and it mentions the very wonderful One a Day Project, too (which you can donate money to for Cancer Research here if you’re feeling generous). I’m rather proud and can’t wait to get properly stuck into the rest of the story, too. You can buy it here if you want to read it.

This has all spurred me on to write even more – not just via this blog but to carry on with the stories as well.

All in all a great day. I also found out my amazing little sister passed a big part of her teacher training course and one of my best  friends got a first in his engineering degree. Hurrahs all round!

Without wanting to sound too much like Heather Small: What have you done lately that makes you feel proud?

#oneaday 112: Reasons to be cheerful

26 Apr

I haven’t done a ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ post for a while, so I decided to do one to cheer myself up as I’m feeling full of man flu.

Reasons to be cheerful.

1. Cups of tea

a nice cup of yorkshire tea teapot

Makes absolutely everything seem okay. And when you’re ill, other people make them for you. Score.

2. La familia

paddling pool hook a duck summer grass

It was my nephew’s 1st birthday on Sunday, and on Saturday I went to visit him, my god daughter and her brother. We sat in the garden and played in the paddling pool, soaking up the sun and eating ice lollies. Good family times.

3. Spending an entire week with le chap

Benrik couples book quality time

This might not seem like a big event, but as my beloved spends the working week down in London and I work up in glorious Yorkshire, we only normally get a couple of days a week together. So it’s been nice to have both booked those three days off in between the bank holiday so we get to spend a bit of QT together. Going to plan some nice days out, maybe go to the coast and watch a few bands together. Hurrah! Benrik would be proud of us.

#oneaday 102: ¡proactiva!

13 Apr

Well, I’m off on holiday at 7am on Thursday, flying out to the very gorgeous Palma de Mallorca for four glorious days of sunshine and cocktails with my girls to celebrate my friend’s despedida de soltera. As you read this, I will be relaxing with my girls and a pre-holiday vaso de vino blanco, having finished work for a few days.

spanish dancer skirt postcard

I don’t need to apologise for not posting whilst I’m away as I have lined up a selection of pre-scheduled posts for your perusal. I bet you can’t wait to read them (they are actually a lot better than the drivel I’ve been posting lately, I promise. Saturday’s post is especially lol-worthy). Right, back to el vino.


#oneaday 73: One Day

14 Mar

I’ve just finished the book One Day by David Nicholls. I posted about how much I was enjoying reading the book here, and now I’ve finished I’m penning a few thoughts on it. Don’t read below the cut if you don’t want to know what happens!

exploding dog drawing when will you let go

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#oneaday 48: Serotonin

17 Feb

I’m feeling quite cheerful today. This song has been rolling through my head all day (thanks, Mystery Jets and Six Music on in the office). Also, it was light tonight when I left work for the first time in what feels like YEARS. Bring on the spring!


Altogether now… SEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOTONIN! Also, seeing as I can’t get tickets to the DFA 1979 Reunion show, I might treat myself to this:

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#oneaday 36: Reasons to be cheerful

5 Feb

Okay, so it’s raining. And windy. And cold. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to be cheerful! Here’s your weekly dose of sunshine…

reasons to be cheerful beatifnik
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#oneaday 29: Reasons to be cheerful

29 Jan

As if the fact that it’s Saturday wasn’t enough to lift your spirits, here are some more reasons to be cheerful this weekend:

sunshine sunny january leeds sunshine

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#oneaday 22: Reasons to be cheerful

22 Jan

Today’s reasons to be cheerful is dedicated to anyone going through a hard time right now. Here’s my fail-safe recipe for turning that frown upside down:



Yes, I do mean actual real-life people who you like spending time with, because they’re great. But it works on two levels (I’m dead complex) because I also mean THIS:

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#one a day 5 – fairytale endings for the homeless voiceover man

5 Jan

This is the first Wishlist Wednesday post of #oneaday. It’s not really a wishlist this week, I don’t feel like I actually want anything after such an excessive festive season. So, I think I’ll just talk about something that made me smile today.

Someone sent this video around at work. I love how this homeless man with a golden voice for radio had 50 job offers and over 5 millions hits on YouTube. The power of the internet, eh.
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#oneaday 3 – Structure and other stories

3 Jan

So, I’m three days into this one a day malarkey and there are quite a few ideas I’ve had for it and a few things I want to use it for. I had a brief exchange on Twitter last night with Pete who writes Stuff From My Head for the #oneaday project about how we were raring to write loads of stuff but that we didn’t want to peak too soon, or run out of things to say. So, I’ve decided that in order to succeed, my blog needs some STRUCTURE.

we can do it - one a day bloggers - world war 2 poster - keep calm and carry on

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