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#oneaday 86: Limitlessness

27 Mar

Just got back from watching Limitless at the cinema. I have to say, it was pretty entertaining, if a little on the obvious side. I’ve seen it slated in a few places but I wouldn’t say it deserves that. I think the idea of the film is probably more engaging than the film itself – if you could take a drug to make you brilliant, would you? But it felt like what could have simply been a really gripping story about morals and power got heavily laced with a ‘drugs are bad’ message. Yes, we all know that drugs are bad. That wasn’t really the point of the story though, was it? I think the underlying message about the fact that we all have choices and these choices define us was much more engaging. The idea that we are all in control of our own destiny as long as we realise our own potential. When we stop realising our potential, that’s when we start to get rubbish, right?

There was a bit of gratuitous violence, an extra antagonist for no real reason and a couple of characters whose presence added no real value at all (Friel, DeNiro?) and there seemed to be a few bits in the film that seemed to fizzle out or become loose ends, but other than that it was a nice, easy-going, entertaining film. Limitless also had some quite clever viral marketing behind it, which made me like the film a lot. Plus, Bradley Cooper is bang tidy.

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I won’t harp on about it as I’m sleepy as anything due to the clocks changing (I’ve got jetlag now) and the epic spring clean that we gave to our flat earlier, not to mention the 13K I ran/cycled at the gym earlier. In fact, who needs NZT? I’ve been pretty productive without it today.

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